Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer


For each luminaire, which should be dimmed, is one bluetooth dimmer required. Each luminaire of the EVO-Series that is equipped with the dimmer, can be dimmed between 10 and 100% via Bluetooth Mesh technology. For easy operation of several luminaires, individual groups can be formed in the SANlight Mesh App. This means, that several luminaires can be dimmed conveniently at the same time with one slider. The SANlight Mesh App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store.

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Effortless Control: Meet the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer

Unlock a new level of precision and convenience in your gardening with the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer. This cutting-edge device empowers you to take command of your garden’s destiny with ease.

  • Wireless Mastery: Experience the freedom of wireless control. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can adjust your grow lights from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. It’s gardening at your fingertips!
  • Customisable Brightness: Fine-tune the intensity of your grow lights to cater to your plants’ unique needs. The Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer allows you to create the perfect lighting environment for every stage of growth.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly pair the dimmer with your Sanlight Evo LED grow lights. It’s a match made in horticultural heaven, ensuring that your plants receive precisely the right amount of light for optimum health and yield.

Elevate Your Gardening Experience: Why Choose the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer?

Are you tired of traditional manual adjustments and guesswork? Discover the advantages of the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer and take your gardening experience to new heights:

  • Smart Gardening: Embrace the future of gardening with smart technology. Adjust light levels, create lighting schedules, and monitor your plants’ progress—all from your mobile device.
  • Energy Efficiency: Maximise energy efficiency by dimming your grow lights when needed. Reduce your environmental footprint while saving on electricity costs.
  • Plant Health Optimisation: Ensure your plants receive the ideal amount of light throughout their growth cycle. The Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer helps you create the perfect conditions for robust, healthy plants.
  • Remote Monitoring: Check in on your garden from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, stay connected to your plants and make adjustments as needed.

Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer – Ayrshire Organics

  1. Bluetooth dimmer control
  2. Wireless grow light adjustment
  3. Customisable light intensity
  4. Smart gardening technology
  5. Energy-efficient grow lights
  6. Remote plant monitoring
  7. Horticultural automation
  8. Sanlight Evo compatibility

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“Master Your Garden’s Destiny with the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer”

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“Experience effortless control and smart gardening with the Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer. Achieve optimal plant health, energy efficiency, and remote monitoring capabilities. Elevate your gardening game today!”

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We are an innovative company, located in the west of Austria. At our premises in Vorarlberg we develop and manufacture sophisticated and efficient LED lighting for use in commercial gardening as well as at home and for hobby purposes. Many years of experience in horticulture and in-depth knowledge of photonics and semiconductor technology all contribute to the development of our products.